The Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival showcases the work of visual artists and performers outside of mainstream art institutions. We strive to provide a platform for these artists to share their unique perspectives and artistic visions with the community.

Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival 2023 Touring Exhibition

January 11th – March 4th, 2024

Join us for the opening of the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival 2023 Touring Exhibition, next week Thursday, January 11, 2024 at PoMoArts in the Canadian Pacific Gallery!

  • Thursday, January 11th, 2024, 6:00 – 8:00PM
  • PoMoArts, Canadian Pacific Gallery, 2425 St. Johns Street, Port Moody
  • Artists in attendance | Free admission | Refreshments served

Participating Artists VOAF Touring Exhibition

Alini Garcia, Andrea Grey, Ania Salmina, Barbara-Lynn Pollard (Blip Photography), Ben Roback, Brandy Mars, Cathy Watters, Colin Mitchell, Courtney Lee, Daniel Poggenpoel, Erin Audley, Federico Airaudo, Hazel Yuhang Zhang, Jaclyn Lord-Purcell, Jasper Berehulke, Justine Clark, Katalina Guerrero, Komal Saxena, Lee James Abbott, LeiGH Press, LittleBenefit – Calen Michel, Madison Gill, Marianne Powley, Max Mueller-Langer, Nickie Lewis, Nicole Parekh, Sandra Yuen, Shamsah Mohamed, Sheila Letwiniuk, Tim Varro, Tom Moody, Vee CR

Artist bios HERE

Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival 2023 Artists, Volunteers and Team!