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The Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival 2020

Community Arts Council of Vancouver presents the annual Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival (VOAF) offering opportunities for exhibition, performance, connection and learning to visual and performing artists facing social exclusion and other barriers. VOAF is Canada’s first and only festival for Outsider Art, which is represented by significant fairs and museums globally. The artists may be self-taught or trained: they are all devoted to their creative practices, and come from a point of view that is outside the mainstream art world trends.

Presented by:
Title Sponsor:
McCarthy Properties Ltd.
Supported by:
Exhibit partner:
VOAF Festival Staff:

Eric Rhys Miller, Producer

Johnny Trinh, Festival Coordinator

Shelton Bowes, Festival Coordinator

Patrycja Kamska, Communications Coordinator

Ana Maria Carrizales, Workshop Leader

Ed Walwail, Labmations, Livestream Manager

Odette Hidalgo, Addon Creative, Web Manager

Eric Sanderson, Sanderson Productions, Videographer

Lisz Keallan, ASL Interpreting Inc.

Thank You to our Volunteers:

CACV Board of Directors (Valerie Smaller, Pierre Leichner, James Carter, Brittanny Downey-MacDonald, Laura Zemans, Jason Chan, Andrew Dawoud, Kirsten Larsen), VOAF Organizing Committee (Kit Standish, Marina Leichner, Nicola Dunne, Barbara Tevarotto, Sharon Burns, Lerit Gimsay,
Shahla Bozogzardeh, Faye Fayerman, edzy edzed)

Thanks Also:

Tsitsayxemaat/Rebecca Campbell, Lost & Found Cafe,
Vancouver East Cultural Centre