Althea Adams

Althea Adams is a visual artist, a peer support worker, and works as a basic computer tutor and a group facilitator for those in mental health support, in Vancouver, BC. She has always been a person who loves to help guide others to move forward and shine. Now, she will put herself in the spotlight and shine as she showcases her creations of art. 

She grew up loving to doodle, taking photos, and writing poetry as a way to express the feelings within her. Unfortunately, her world came to a crash through extreme depression. Recovery however was her breakthrough and she found herself loving to create and help others even more by listening and becoming a voice and advocate for mental wellness and being. 

The road to rediscovering her spiritual and mental wellness, led to a deeper discovery of her natural abilities and talents in drawing, painting, pottery, prints, poetry and more. After trying her hand at many mediums, acrylic pouring and acrylic painting is what she uses today for her paintings. The world would try to give her a label and call her art abstract modern expressionism with African expressions of nature. However, Althea sees her art as a spirit, a reflection of her and her journey, that is now seen visually as an expressive art form.