Kids of the Frozen Coconut Collective

Original Story Concept: Mica Velasco
Creative Producer: J Peachy,
Indigenous Director Advisor: Simon Winadzi James
Filipinix Theatre Director and Performance Advisor: Denis D. Gupa

Narration: Jenn Villanueva Strangeway
Taeyang – Mica Velasco
Xiong – Simon Winadzi James
Kiko – J Peachy


Kiko – J Peachy

Xiong – J Peachy

Taeyang – Allen Baylosis

Production Coordination: Jenn Villaueva-Strangeway
Sound Production: J Peachy
Sound Editing: Jamie Meyer

Set Design and Production: Simon Winadzi James, J Peachy, Allen Baylosis

Video Production: Shay Martin and Rey
Video Edit: Rachel Rozanski

We are a collective of independent creative individuals with ancestral roots from Coconut bearing lands who are presently residing in Northern Turtle island (aka Canada) where the land freezes between seasons. Our collaborative projects are an artistic expression and through storytelling we navigate the thoughts and feelings of being physically separated from original homelands. The artist team for the Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival includes J Peachy, Micajieu Velasco, Jenn Strangeway, Allen Baylosis with support from Indigenous Artist Simon Winadzi James and Filipinx theatre director Dennis D. Gupa.