LeiGh Press

LeiGh Press is a self-taught, mixed media artist based in Vancouver, BC. She uses a variety of materials to create her work including fine liner, coloured pencils, gel pen and ballpoint pen. She believes creating art gives her life deeper meaning and a sense of purpose; something that she loves doing more than anything else. 

LeiGh’s art stems from overcoming adversity as well as trying to navigate a world that often feels overwhelming. She finds the beauty of life through nature and her connection with birds – flight and sense of freedom is a significant source of inspiration. LeiGh’s struggle with mental health challenges and chronic pain is another inspiration in her work. When it seems like life is too much to handle she turns to pencil and paper, where things become less complicated. 

LeiGh is introverted and has difficulty expressing herself verbally, but her art speaks for her on a deeper level.