From humble beginnings performing in her living room as a child, to representing Nanaimo at the Provincials for Ballet and Modern Dance, graduating from CCPA, to finally singing with an 18 piece Orchestra for the Lower Mainland tour of “Christmas with Sinatra” in 2019, Mandy always brings the style and grace of the stars of the past. All this while struggling most of her life with debilitating chronic pain due to Endometriosis, a disease that affects almost 10% of women and is often overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Her vision for the future of entertainment is ambitious and full of excitement. Gone are the days of strictly “live” or even “virtual” performances. Mandy endeavours, alongside her partner Dane Warren and MAD Jazz LIVE, to create an immersive hybrid “Live-Virtual” experience for audiences all over the world.

“Just because we look toward the future, doesn’t mean we must forget the past.”