Sajia Sultana Kabir

Sajia Sultana Kabir is a poet-composer, dancer, theatrical bellydancer, singer and songwriter, and actress based in Vancouver, BC. She is passionate about classical and folk art forms, science fiction and fantasy, avant-garde and DIY performance, and social justice. 

Sajia Sultana exploded on the Vancouver DIY scene with her song “Resisting Me”, which was featured on the 2008 Greenbelt Compilation CD. She wrote and performed her first one woman show, The Body Says, in 2012. Her poems Racefail and Unfold were featured on thE 2013 AND 2014 Shoutback cassette compilations. She has previously been published in A Beautiful Resistance and was one of the poets featured in Art Song Lab, 2016. 

Her work as a poet is deeply influenced by her background as a queer Bangladeshi Muslimah, her studies in Hindustani classical music, her training in bellydance, and yoga. She is currently preparing her first book of poetry and working on a series of albums using song poetry and spoken word. She wishes to share her, sometimes disturbing but always compassionate, visions of the world with a wide audience.