Amy J. Dyck

Amy J. Dyck

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Amy J. Dyck’s (she/her) work is a unique mix of representational and abstract expressionism and strives to express something deeper in the human experience than can be observed by the eye. Using collage, oil paints and drawing mediums, and pulling from anatomical studies and visual research, her work is influenced by old and new masters and is always evolving. 

Amy has been interviewed for CBC Art Minute, has had her work featured in a handful of art magazines, and has won awards in several art exhibitions. She actively teaches and demonstrates painting and drawing for all ages in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley and has her work in collections around North America and Internationally.

In this mysterious internal landscape, where our experiences are not solid, knowable objects, where our feelings come and go, and where our deeper selves reside, Amy’s work explores what it feels like to be human, alive, female, with all the vulnerability, yearning, resilience, and complexity inherent inside us. Her recent work is a collection of collages and paintings of women, referencing aspects of her depth, vulnerability, and strength. Each complex and exploratory, they are in direct rebellion against the instinct to simplify her to only what is visible at first glance and hint at something more allusive and compelling in the whole of her. Every figure is embodied, holding dignity and wholeness within the chaos and mystery.

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