Ankha Sita Qualia

Ankha Sita Qualia

Anastasita aka Ankha Sita Qualia (she/they) is a queer / female multimedia artist, teacher, consultant & coach, based out of Coast Salish Land known as Vancouver, BC. She’s a Russian-Canadian import, that moved her entire life here based on the love of this land and the desire to pursue creative education. 

They completed 2yrs of diploma studies in Vancouver Film School for Foundation of Art & Design + Screenwriting as well as Jewelry Design; afterwards pursuing studies in mindfulness, non-violent communication, intentional creativity coaching, and art therapy. For more than 15 years she’s been writing poetry, journals, and taking pictures. They have been deeply investigative of various mystical knowledge from around the world as well as psychology, magic, and divination. Ankha has received initiation into various energy healing modalities, including Reiki.

Anastasita has created multiple digital and analogous artworks along with many animation and digital design projects. Animations include “Fractalic”, “How To Vote Out Harper” and a UBC research project. Digital designs include creations of branding & packaging for a chocolatier Muna, midwife YouBaby and musicians PachaPapa and Noble NA. 

Ankha is an avid lover of creativity and the human spirit. She has a keen eye for others’ gifts and is inspired to support them, being the biggest fan of her clients. With her visual art and installations, she has organized and participated in art exhibitions at large music festivals like Blessed Coast, Astral Harvest, and Bass Coast, as well as at various Vancouver event venues like VAL and James Black Gallery. Besides these opportunities and a couple of solo art shows, Ankha has gathered people for intentional creativity workshops & has been building IRL + URL communities. Her brand, ArtQueMistica, is dedicated to healing arts with the purpose of creative & emotional liberation (artchemy = alchemy of creativity). The alias before that, MetaStazi, gained her popularity amongst the alternative creative festival-goer community, especially via her nature and sacred geometry inspired art on apparel designs by a BC brand Set4Lyfe. 

At this time, Ankha Sita has been writing poetic plays and self-help books and working with 1-on-1 clients in embodied photo therapy experiences as well as in coaching and healing transformation packages.

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