Cheryl Hutchinson

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Cheryl Hutchinson received her B.Mus. degree in Composition from The University of British Columbia. Studying with Stephen Chatman, Bob Prichard, and Keith Hamel, she has composed orchestral, chamber, and electroacoustic works. She is interested in world music and interdisciplinary projects. 

Her body of work explores the human condition. While the inspiration for her compositions tend to focus on her positive attitude and positive life experiences, she also draws on all aspects of life including birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality. She often incorporates rhythm into her contemporary compositions, which are influenced by many composers, past and present, such as Barry Truax, Vivaldi, Stravinsky, Berio, and Stockhausen.

The composition being performed in the VOAF festival, “Cradle of Discovery” (1996) in three movements, is dedicated to her mother Marjorie and the memory of her father Philip. Many thanks to VOAF for this opportunity and to the performers for their time and energy they have given to the performance of this work.