Miguel Bustamante, known as MigyB (he/him), is primarily a self-taught artist based out of Vancouver who grew up between Vancouver and Lima, Peru. Coming from an incredibly artistic family, he was surrounded and inspired by various types of art as a kid, but only started painting a handful of months before the pandemic hit. Painting began as a way to get closer to his family, but quickly blossomed into him finding his true calling as an artist. Fast forward 2 years of painting through the pandemic like his life depended on it with countless commissions and even more sketches; his body of work is ready for an audience as it continues to grow every month.

Working predominantly in acrylic, his styles range from realism to modern abstracts, which includes his signature acrylic dripping style. If he were to paint with his family, he told himself it needed to be different and acrylic dripping was just that. Since then, he’s evolved to working with watercolour, gouache, ink and duck cloth collages to name a few amongst his favourite medium; acrylic. His work is never stagnant and is slowly growing into various collections of different styles that stem from one thing: experiences worth painting about.

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Artwork Below may be Different from what is Shown at the Exhibit