MPyress Flame

Monica is a movement master who enriches her practice with flow art performance, hat manipulation and juggling techniques. A professionally trained clown and dancer and circus artist, she brings 20 years of performance to the stage, film, circus ring and public space. Her performing history has involved, instructing, directing, producing and choreographing solo and group performances for special events for both local profit and nonprofit organizations, locally (Vancouver) and throughout Canada. Monica enjoys incorporating musical elements of voice, percussion and ukulele into her performing and is an extremely prolific tap dancer. Monica comes from an entire family of stock car and motorcycle racers…she rides a bike. 

Monica is a professional movement master and interdisciplinary artist who specializes in physical comedy and combining contemporary forms of dance with flow art performance. She instructs, directs, produces and choreographs solo and group performances for special events in Vancouver and throughout Canada. Spanning an arts career of 20 years, she performs for local profit and nonprofit organizations. 

MPyress Flame is performing at Outsiders at the Annex on  Saturday, October 29.