Stevie Broome

Stevie Broome

Brace yourself. It’s time to get A-gore-able! A realm of colour, fantasy, and horror awaits. Stevie Broome (he/him) is a queer, multimedia artist in Vancouver, BC, that uses the brightest acrylics on canvas and metal. He creates a world where bioluminescence is pedestrian and sparkle reigns supreme.

His goal is to create an escape, a psychedelic fantasy of adventure and colour. Stevie finds his inspiration from monsters, heroes, and the weapons they would use. His style is heavily influenced by American traditional tattooing with a cartoon flair. The bold lines and bright colours are a staple in all his works.

Stevie is fully self taught in his artistry, while also being a fully certified journeyman welder. He loves to combine these two aspects to make unique artistic experiences.

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