Tianna Hall

Tianna Hall

Tianna Hall (she/her) is an acrylic artist based in Vancouver, BC. Art has been Tianna’s passion since she was a child. Not until the beginning of COVID when all of our lives changed, did she take her work and put it on canvas for the world to see. Tianna’s art is acrylic based, often with the use of textured mediums slipped in. All of the art pieces in this exhibition are portraits based on Tianna at different points in her life. You will see despair, joy, hope, and many more emotions radiating off of the pieces.

When you’re a child you dream of throwing paint and making a mess, making the most chaos imaginable; however you were probably never allowed to create that mess or that chaos. That freedom was never unleashed; the freedom that comes with making something with such nonsense that you feel like you’ve escaped your own world for a moment. Tianna has created this world, she throws paint, finger paints, and begins her canvases with nothing in mind other than a pretty colour and create ART. 

So what does she want her art to say? She wants her art to show you that you can be a kid again; enjoy the little things in life; try new things. Her art shows you how to break free from any monotony that may be hiding away in your lives and mine, it opens you up to new possibilities of how vibrant life really is even in its darkest days.

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Artwork Below may be Different from what is Shown at the Exhibit