Workshops for Participating Artists

How to Write an Artist Statement

This video discusses how to write your own artist statement step-by-step. You will learn how to talk about the art itself, how to communicate your story to the audience.
How to Complete a Stage Plot

This video will teach you what is a stage plot, what to include in a stage plot, how to complete a stage plot from scratch using digital tools (Google Docs, Canva, etc) and much more.
How to Write an Artist Biography

This video will teach you how to write a biography about YOU, not your artwork or performance. You will learn how to explain who you are as an artist or performer, how your life events have influenced your artwork, and how to include information.
How to Provide Tech Requirements

This video will teach you how to provide technical requirements as a performer. We discuss what you can bring to your gig, what information is typically required, what venues typically provide, and more.
How to Photograph Artwork

This video will teach you how to photograph your artwork using a smartphone, lighting, cropping and using digital editing tools.
How to Complete Art Inventory Sheet

This workshop discusses the “art inventory” and describes the purpose of the inventory, what to include in an inventory and the certificate of authenticity.
How to Price Your Artwork

This workshop discusses how to price your artwork; what to consider when pricing your artwork, different formulas on how to price your work and other resources to support visual artists.